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Band Honors

High honors were awarded to several CHS Band members.  Awards include All-District Honors and All State Honors.  We are very proud of all of these band members. 

2021 District Honor Band

Sara Reeves - Flute
Jordan Nash - Clarinet
Logan Walker - Clarinet
Yukino Shichinohe - Alto Sax
Elijah Putman - Bari Sax
Sam Adkins - Baritone


2021 All State Band

Sara Reeves - Flute (Red Band)
Jordan Nash - Clarinet (Red Band)
Yukino Shichinohe - Alto Sax (Red Band)

Sam Adkins - Baritone (Blue Band)


2021 All State Band

Jacob Dye - All State Jazz Band Drum Set
Sara Reeves - All State Orchestra