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Cullman High School Traffic Plan

Cullman High School traffic: All non-student-drivers must drop off and pick up in the designated drop-off zones. From 13th Street NE, you will enter 4th Ave southbound and turn into the front parking lot of the high school. You may also enter 12th Street that will lead you to the entrance of the front parking lot. You will be dropped off in the semi-circle drive on 13th Street across from Eva Road if you are a band student. Student-Athletes can be dropped off in the parking area across from 11th Street near the Ag building. All high school traffic must exit on 13th Street and go either East or West. Westbound traffic will continue on their normal traffic routine. Eastbound traffic can either take Eva Road or circle back around to the south of the school property and exit onto 5th Ave and begin your normal traffic routine.
All student drivers and Primary School drop-off parents can access Oak Drive from 5th Ave. Once you turn right onto Oak Drive you will then immediately turn left onto Stadium Dr.