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CHS and CCPS Traffic Pattern Change

Traffic patterns for CHS and CCPS will be changing for the 2019 - 2020 school year. The Cullman Police Department has made detailed information available for our families. 

From Cullman Police Department: 
To decrease traffic congestion the following changes will be made:
1. Those exiting CHS at Stadium Drive will turn right to proceed south on Stadium Drive. Those exiting CHS at 13th Street will turn right to proceed east on 13th Street and then will turn right to proceed south on Stadium Drive.

2. Those exiting CCPS from Hoehn Drive will turn right to proceed north on Stadium Drive, and then turn left onto 13th Street. Also, at the CCPS, there will now be three lanes entering Hoehn Drive and one lane exiting. Please refer to the map showing these changes in the traffic route.

Full map of CHS, CCPS and CMS streets can be found by clicking here.