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Google Level 2 Certification Coming to CCS

District Technology Coordinator Michael Fowlkes, along with Technology Integration Specialists Aimee Bates and Sharon Drake, began the process for Level 2 Google Certification recently. They attended Google Certified Educator Level 2 Bootcamp in Homewood.  They will be taking the certification exam soon. 

The bootcamp allowed participants to move beyond the basics of Google Tools and learn how to maximize 21st-century learning in the classroom. Participants explored and created purposeful blended learning lessons while enhancing student understanding of topics and concepts. They learned additional tips to organize coursework and leverage the Internet to better meet the needs of an increasingly digital curriculum. Additional key units in the Level 2 curriculum included personalized learning models and coaching models.

As our system expands its use of Google Tools Michael, Aimee and Sharon will be better prepared to assist our users.