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CCPS Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures

We have created this video of our drop-off and pick-up procedures.  We hope it provides answers to your traffic questions and makes your experience with CCPS drop-off and pick-up as easy as possible.

We ask that you follow these procedures and have patience the first couple of weeks.  Once everyone is comfortable with the procedures you will see that traffic moves smoothly and quickly at CCPS. 


Transcript - Welcome to CCPS.  We are excited to have your student joining us for this school year.  This video will help you understand the CCPS drop-off and pick-up procedures.  We want you to get through the lines quickly, but most importantly we want our students to be safe.  

In the mornings, drop-off begins at 7:30 a.m. and runs until 7:55.  

The drop-off in the front of the school is for Kindergarten, Head Start students in the three-year-old classes and Mrs.  Parks’ class. On Hoehn Drive, you want to be in the left lane. You will pull under the front awning to drop-off your student.  As your approach to school, please be off your cell phone and have your student put his or her backpack on and be ready to exit the car.  

The front car will pull all the way to the stop sign.  Pull as close as possible to the car in front of you. This lets us unload as many students as possible at one time and get you through the line quickly.  A staff member will open the door for your child. Please do not exit the car at this time. If your child does not have his or her backpack on yet, a staff member will move the student to the brick area to put the backpack on.  

First grade students, Head Start Pre-K students and any student eating breakfast will be dropped off in the back of the school. On Hoehn Drive, you want to be in the right lane. Again, please have your phone off and student ready as you approach the school.  Staff members will help Head Start students out of the car. Please wait for someone to open the door for your child. First graders are expected to exit the car by themselves.

If you occasionally need to walk your child in, park your car and walk with your child.   Use the crosswalk and stop before the brick driveway. Watch the traffic director to know when to cross, then walk your student to the door.   

At 7:55 drop-off ends.  After this, you will need to park,  walk in and sign your child in at the office.  

In the afternoon, classes are divided into front and back pick-up.  Your teacher will tell you which location to use. For safety reasons, we do not allow walk-ups during pick-up time unless it's an emergency.  If you are coming north on Stadium Drive, front pick-up is in the left lane and back pick-up is in the right lane. As you approach the school please have your student’s pick-up tag hanging from your rear-view mirror.   

For the front pickup you will need to be in the left lane on Hoehn Drive.  As traffic begins moving at 2:35 this lane will be moved to the far left lane.

First grade parents picking up in the front do not need to arrive too early.  If you arrive before 2:40, you will likely have to pull through and get back in line as Kindergarteners are loaded first.

Pick-up service ends at 2:50 for Kindergarten and 3:00 for First Grade.

Front pick-up traffic will pull under the front awning to the stop sign. Staff members will walk your child to the car  and help them in. After your student is loaded you may take down your pick-up tag but please leave it displayed until then.   

For the back pick-up, you will need to be in the right lane on Hoehn Drive.  Once you turn by the Outdoor Classroom, Kindergarten cars will move to the left lane and First Grade cars will be in the right lane.

Around 2:45, after Kindergarten pick-up, First Grade will move to the left lane.  Traffic will stop under the awning outside the lunchroom. Teachers will bring your student to you and load the student.  Please leave your pick-up tag hanging until your student is loaded. Remember we want pick-up to go quickly and safely, so if you need to discuss something with your student’s teacher please set up a time for a meeting rather than discussing it in the car line.  

If your student needs assistance buckling, please proceed to the cul-de-sac on Hoehn Drive where you can pull over and help your child.  

Thank you for your patience the first couple weeks of school while everyone is learning our procedures.  We appreciate your help as we make CCPS drop-off and pick-up a quick and safe process.