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ACAP Testing

Parents, we are headed into one of the most important times in our school year as we lead up to Spring Break and our end-of-the-year testing. We want to encourage you and your child to be at school, focus on lessons, and improve over the next three weeks. We are finishing up our Practice ACAP testing, and we have results from that testing that will help us focus on our instruction for the next four weeks. We have had a great year from a learning standpoint, and we want to keep this up through our end-of-the-year testing.

In April, we will have our ACAP Summative Testing for English Language Arts, Math, and Science (Science is 4th and 6th grade only). On April 9 and 10, our students will test in large groups for English Language Arts. On April 16 and 17, our students will test in large groups for Math. On April 18, our 4th and 6th grade students will take their ACAP Science tests. Students who test in small groups with an extended time could start their tests as early as March 18, 2024, and continue to Friday, April 26, 2024. If your child tests early or on a date other than the large group dates, we will let you know in advance the day that they will test.

ACAP Testing Reminders

We want to encourage our students to get a good night's sleep the day before a test, eat a good breakfast the morning before the tests, and work the entire time on the test the day that they take their tests. Students will be reminded that they will not be able to enter a classroom to take the ACAP with a cell phone, smartwatch, Fitbit, calculator phone, or any device that can record information. Students who work the entire time on the test will receive a Golden Ticket. We will have daily candy drawings for the Golden Ticket winners for each grade level. We will also be working toward a day at the Cullman Wellness and Aquatic Center in early May. Please encourage your child to work hard each day. It means so much to your child, our school, and our community.