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West Book Fair

The West Elementary School Book Fair is from November 27, 2023, through December 1, 2023. Your child will go to the Book Fair during their library lesson time (approximately 45 minutes). Students can shop for books, and there will be other items (think small toys) for them to purchase as well. Parents can attend the Book Fair with their children or, if you cannot attend at your child's assigned time, you can come during the school day. Please let your child's teacher know if you will be attending.

Schedule for Book Fair week. Mon-6th grade, Tues-anyone, -Wed-4th grade, Thurs-3rd grade, Fri-5th grade

Text for accessibility purposes:

Monday, November 27th - 6th grade

Tuesday, November 28th - anyone

Wednesday, November 29th - 4th grade

Thursday, November 30th - 3rd grade

Friday, December 1st - 5th grade

Students may come any day with their teacher's permission.