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ACAP Testing for Spring 2023

ACAP Testing for Spring 2023

Parents, below are the dates for our large group administration Spring 2023 ACAP Tests. Please make note of these dates. On these days, we want our students to be at school on time, eat a good breakfast, and get a good night's sleep the night before. Please schedule any appointments for April with these dates in mind. We need our students at school these days. This year, as we have done in the past, we have incentives for students who work the entire time on the test. We call it a golden ticket. Each day, we will draw prizes (usually candy), and we will have overall prizes at the end of all testing for students. Grade levels have their own incentives for getting all the golden tickets as well. We have been working hard this school year, and this is a time that we can show our learning.

Digital Device Policy for State Testing

Parents, please read the statement below from the Alabama State Department of Education concerning digital devices and ACAP Testing.

Students shall not possess any digital device within the testing room when participating in the ACAP testing. The possession of a digital device by students participating in ACAP testing is strictly prohibited during the administration of a test. The only exception to the policy is for students who have been pre-approved by the Building Test Coordinator or the Principal to have a digital device that is necessary for the health or well-being of the student. If students are in possession of a digital device that is within their reach during the administration of an ACAP test, the device will be confiscated and, if the appropriate administrator determines that there is reasonable suspicion that the device was used to capture, record, or share test information or to facilitate cheating on the test, it may be subject to search pursuant to LEA (Cullman City Schools) policy for any information directly related to the ACAP test being administered. Additionally, the student will be dismissed from testing immediately and the test may be invalidated in accordance with ACAP policy. Violations may result in disciplinary action by the LEA (West Elementary, Cullman City Schools), with the LEA's disciplinary policy.