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WES PTA will be selling Valentine's Candy Grams

West PTA will be pre-selling Valentine's suckers from now through February 3rd. Send your friends, teachers or staff members a sucker with a sweet not attached. 

Valentine you "Rock" suckers- $2.00

Valentine's "Heart" suckers- $1.00

Students may also purchase them before school in the lunchroom and gym on February 2nd and 3rd. Quantities will be limited! Gift tags will be sent to your student to fill out and return on Friday February 3rd. Suckers will be delivered to classrooms on Valentine's Day. Every student will also receive a sucker from PTA♥

You can also order, pay and fill out the gift tag online at our Cheddar Up site. Click here 

Sucker order form

Student name (first and last)


Homeroom Teacher and grade


How many and which suckers were purchased?

__________Rock suckers $2.00

__________Heart suckers $1.00


Total paid: $____________