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Road Closures and Speed Tables

Warnke Road NW Closures in February 2023

Parents, Warnke Road NW will be closed at different times during the month of February 2023 to replace the sewer and water lines. Some parents use Warnke Road in the morning and afternoon for arrival and pickup. Please be aware that it may be closed some days in the month of February.


Speed Tables on 3rd Street SW

Parents, you will notice that speed tables will be placed on 3rd Street near West Elementary School, which will slow down the traffic near the school. This summer, our leadership team discussed that we needed to slow down the traffic as a safety concern for our students. We use the City Football Field for recess and cross over 3rd Street from the school. I met with Erica York, City of Cullman Engineer, Mayor Woody Jacobs, Mayor of Cullman, and Kyle Kallhoff, Superintendent of Cullman City Schools in August to discuss the speed tables. The City ordered the tables for the school system and will have them installed in the next couple of weeks. If you pick up your child on 3rd Street, you will notice the speed tables near the crosswalk to the City Football Field and near the exit to the Gym Parking Lot. We want to thank our school leadership team, Mrs. York, Mayor Jacobs, and Mr. Kallhoff for their support in installing these speed tables, and we feel that this will make for a safer campus.