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Change in Arrival/Dismissal Procedures for the Second Semester

Change in 4th Grade Arrival Procedures for the Second Semester

4th Grade parents, we will begin dropping off 4th Grade students in the morning at the Gym Parking Lot on Wednesday, January 4, or the first day of the Second Semester. This does not change 4th Grade students' Dismissal Procedures in the afternoon. 4th-grade students will still be picked up after school at the Rosemont Avenue entrance to the school. If your 4th-grade student eats breakfast each morning, they still can be dropped off at the Rosemont entrance. If your 4th-grade student has a younger sibling in the 2nd or 3rd grade, they can still be dropped off at the Rosemont entrance. 4th Grade students dropped off in the Gym Parking Lot will exit their vehicles and enter the gym from 7:25 - 7:45 AM. After 7:45 AM, 4th-grade students will be dismissed by the staff member to their homerooms. We are making this change so that 4th-grade students will not have to assemble in the hallways in the mornings before school. This brings us more in line with our normal arrival procedures from before the pandemic. 5th and 6th grade parents, please be aware of the additional parents dropping off in the morning beginning January 4. We do not feel that this will cause a problem with students arriving at school on time, but we think that it will help with our overall traffic in the morning.


Change to the Dismissal Timing for the Second Semester

Parents, if you pick up your child in carline, we are going to make a slight change in our procedures for the second semester. Beginning Wednesday, January 4, instead of students coming out for dismissal in waves, we are going to wait until the 2:55 PM bell rings before our students leave to go to carline. During the past two years, we sent homerooms to their dismissal areas at 2:47 PM, 2:50 PM, and 2:53 PM, so that we would not have as many students out in the halls. With this change, you may notice that students will not be in position until about 2:57 or 2:58 pm. Please be patient as we make this change.