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  • At Cullman City Schools quality, effective classroom instruction is student focused.  Our method for monitoring the quality and effectiveness is also student focused. 

    Curriculum is WHAT we teach
    Instruction is HOW we teach
    Assessment is how we KNOW and SHOW student understanding and application

    The Fundamental 5: The Formula for Quality Instruction has become an important piece in our formative assessment of the instruction in our classrooms.  
    This book provides a systematic and systemic framework for looking at our teaching and learning.

    Cain, Sean, and Mike Laird. The Fundamental 5: The Formula for Quality Instruction. S.l: S.n., 2011. Print.  (ISBN 1456491031)

    The basic elements of the Fundamental 5 are:

    Before class:
    Plan for Student-focused Instruction

    1. Preview the scope and sequence
    2. Prepare the lesson from
      Today we will…
      I will write…
    3. Construct on middle-to-high rigor question to ask the students.

    During Class:

    1. Frame the lesson
    2. Apply proximity teaching (Power Zone)
    3. Utilize strategic teaching
    4. STOP for frequent small-group, purposeful talk about the learning (Turn & Talk)
    5. Recognize & reinforce students
    6. Have students write summary to closing question

    Below is a Fundamental 5 quick-view infograph that was shared with our teacher that contains the elements listed above. This evidence is what we would be looking for during a walk-through.

    Fundamental Five walkthrough bookmark

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