Federal Programs Department

Mrs. Jackie Kinney, Federal Programs Coordinator
  • Title I, LEA Goals
    The Cullman City Schools will provide: 

    1. High academic standards and expectations,
    2. A safe and disciplined learning environment,
    3. An adequate number of highly qualified teachers and other school personnel,
    4. Adequate resources for a scientifically researched based program,
    5. Strong partnerships with parents and community,
    6. In-service training and professional development activities based on identified needs,     
    7. School climates that are free from intimidation, bias, and discrimination, which will allow students to develop to their maximum capacity, regardless of ability or environmental influences, and
    8. Provide all students with special needs, learning activities that will improve their academic achievement

    The Cullman City School system embraces these goals into its mission for Federal Programs.  In order to achieve the state-level mission statement, our goal must be to use these standards, set by the state, to enable all students to achieve challenging standards.

  • "Inspiring students for lifelong success through character, citizenship, and scholarship."

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