Bearcat Store

  • Visit the Bearcat Store or contact the CHS office for more information or to puchase items to support your Bearcats! 

    The online store for Cullman Bearcat face coverings is now open if you need them. It will close on 6/25. All orders will ship to Cullman High School.  Once the orders arrive at CHS, individuals and groups will be contacted and able to pick up curbside from CHS.  Access this link to shop online for these new items. 


Variety of items for sale hanging in Bearcat Store
  • Under Armour Cullman Bearcat Short Sleeve Shirt - $25
    Under Armour Cullman Bearcat Long Sleeve Shirt - $30
    Under Armour 3/4 Zip Embroidered Pullover - $40
    Under Armour Cullman Bearcat Sweatshirt - $40
    Under Armour CULLMAN Sweatshirt w/ Sewn Letters - $65
    Cullman Bearcat Toboggan - $25
    Under Armour Cullman Baseball Cap - $20
    Bearcat Jewelry or Keychain - $3