Extended Day

  • East Elementary School Extended Day Program, EES EDP, is a fun after school learning program. Students come to the lunchroom and begin their homework. Mrs. Milne and Mrs. Parker are there to help and inform. After homework, a snack will be provided and then the fun begins.

    This year we will embracing Cullman Rocks. Once a week we will paint rocks the students have brought in and we will hide them throughout the community while on our walking field trips. We plan on visiting Depot Park, East Park, Kernal Kullman, Dutchess Bakery, Southern Antiques, BusyBee, All-Steak (for orange rolls), and many other local businesses to grab a snack and just hang out while we hunt and hide rocks. Pokémon fans, we will be walking the Pokémon trail so you can bring your devices to play as others hunt rocks.

    EDP will also be creating many crafts and have a few science experiments throughout the year as well. Slime, play doh, and silly putty are just a few things we will be making. Volcanoes, paper air planes, and Lego cars are a few of the learning moments we will be having in EDP.

    Fun times ahead in EES EDP this year!

  • Extended Day Staff:

    Amy Milne
    Elizabeth Parker
    Meaghan Britton

Extended day students and teachers
Picture of Mrs. Milne with extended day students