Clubs and Organizations

      Beta Club

      • Cullman Middle School Beta Club Bylaws

        •   Beta Club is a service organization that recognizes students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, character, and leadership.

          To be eligible for membership, a student must meet the following requirements:

          • Have all A’s and B’s for the entire previous school year and current school year in all subjects.
          • Students must be on the regular curriculum with no modifications.
          • If student was a member of another chapter (ex: West Beta), he/she will be allowed to join as a transfer member.  However, if a student does not have all A’s and B’s in all subject areas when joining the CMS Beta Club, he/she will be a probationary member and is subject to removal if his/her grades do not improve at the end of the following grading period.  If this occurs prior to the induction ceremony, he/she will not be allowed to participate.

          All members are subject to a probationary period should a grade for any subject fall below a B average. Note: If a student has more than one grade below a B average during a single grading period, the student will be removed from the club and will forfeit a probation period.  Probation shall last one grading period.  If the grade is not improved to a B average or if any other grade falls below a B average, the member will be removed from the membership roll.  Students who incur discipline problems are subject to removal at the discretion of the club sponsor and principal.

          Chapter dues are thirty dollars for new members and fifteen dollars for transfer members.  The National Beta Club receives thirteen dollars of the new members’ dues.  Transfer members have already paid the one-time national due; therefore, they are not required to pay again.



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