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Cullman City Schools Foundation

Cullman City Schools is privileged to have the support of the Cullman City Schools Foundation (CCSF). CCSF is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit providing funding for educational projects in the Cullman City School classrooms since 1996. The Foundation's support of our teachers and students has had a significant impact on the success of Cullman City Schools for the past 28 years. 

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Meet the Board

CCSF Board of Directors Maegan Tucker

Maegan Tucker

CCSF Board o fDirectors Charlie Nesmith

Charlie Nesmith

CCSF Board of Directors Melanie Maddox

Melanie Maddox

CCSF Board of Directors Allison Bright

Allison Bright

CCSF Board of Directors Waid Harbison

Waid Harbison

CCSF Board of Directors Kyle Kallhoff

Kyle Kallhoff

Amy Wood

Amy Wood

Courtney Speciale

Courtney Speciale

CCSF Foundation Specialist Paige Clabo

Paige Clabo, Foundation Specialist


Not Pictured

Jacinta Harrington
Jodi Hopper
Chris Mann

Reagan Caldwell, WES
Tasha Myer, CMS
Susan Boyd, CHS
Tera Thomas, CCPS
Danielle Taylor, CCS

Jill Bradberry, CCS Board of Education



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Distinguished Alumni

For over 100 years, Cullman City Schools have enjoyed an enviable reputation for high academic standards and an enlightened vision which fosters the pursuit of excellence. This excellence is found in the high caliber of faculty, the ability to meet the needs of students from widely varied backgrounds, and a high level of parent and community support. This reputation has been confirmed over the years by the outstanding and remarkable achievements of Cullman High School graduates.

These awards have been established to recognize and honor the accomplishments of our outstanding graduates, community supporters and promising CCS graduates. By celebrating these role models, the CCS Foundation hopes to inspire today's students to follow their own pursuit of excellence.

View Our Distinguished Alumni and Service Award winners  

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Classroom Grant Program

Each year, Cullman City Schools Foundation provides financial support to Cullman City Schools teachers through a grant process. This is completed by a blind application process through a committee selected by the foundation board members. Please find the application below.  You may click this link to access the form.  You will be prompted to make your own copy. 

Cullman City Schools Foundation Grant Application

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2024 Foundation Luncheon Photo Gallery

Cover of CCSF Program for Luncheon events
CCSF Podium with C
CCSF Acrylic Awards for Teacher of the Year
CCSF Distiguished Alumni Josh Wiggins
CCSF Distinguished Alumni Bailee Ponder
CCSF Distinguished Alumni Jason Mickle
CCSF Outstanding Alumni Katie Fine
Jay Page, Miranda Gunter, Kyle Kallhoff
Melanie Harris, Leanna Smith, Kyle Kallhoff
Jake Johnson, Cassie Bowen, Kyle Kallhoff
Items on Silent Auction Table at CCSF Luncheon
CCSF Luncheon Gift Basket for Silent Auction
Students singing songs from Grease as entertainment at CCSF Luncheon
Flyer with 2024 Teachers of the Year
Flyer with 2024 Distinguished Alumni
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