Transition Plan

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    Cullman City Schools
    Transition Plan 2020 – 2021
    Neglected and Delinquent


    Cullman City School District does not have any delinquent facilities in the district at this time. The purpose of the Cullman City Transition Plan is to ensure both an effective and a seamless transition for our at-risk students upon initial placement in a private or state-run facility and when re-enrolling in the school system from said facilities. Upon return to Cullman City School district, this plan will allow for the student to acclimate educationally and socially in a high structured, low teacher-to-student-ratio classroom as part of the transitioning process to a regular classroom setting.


    Cullman City School District will ensure the following:

    1. High quality educational programs to prepare children and youth for secondary completion, training employment, or further education.
    2. To provide activities to facilitate the transition of such children and youth from correctional program to further education and employment.
    3. To operate programs in local schools for children and youth returning from correctional facilities which may serve at-risk children and youth.



    1. Cullman City Schools will transmit education records to the facility within ten (10) working days of receiving transcript requests. Records to be transmitted include the following:
      1. Copy of the student’s permanent transcript
      2. Withdrawal form that reflects grades in progress (iNow detailed progress report)
      3. Recent copy of student’s IEP/I-ELP/504 Plan, if applicable
      4. Academic assessment information
    2. Facility personnel will track progress during incarceration.
    3. Upon reentry into Cullman City Schools, school personnel will request student records from the facility. The facility must submit records within ten (10) working days.
    4. The returning students will attend a due process hearing, if needed, with the Cullman City Alternative School instructor, or designee, the principal of the school to attend, and the CWA social worker, if applicable.
    5. From the due process hearing, it will be determined by the Cullman City personnel the appropriate time served at CCS Turning Point/Alternative School. This includes placement in short term or long term at the alternative school before returning back to Cullman City Schools.
    6. While attending Turning Point/Alternative School, the educational instructor will work with the local school on grade placement, credits, and when the student is ready to return to the regular school setting.