• Class Chromebooks

    Posted by TONYA TRAMMELL on 10/9/2020


    What an awesome Friday!! The tech department delivered our new class set of Chromebooks!!! We no longer have to share devices with our classmates. Now that every student has their own device there are endless possibilities with the amount of activities and technology these kiddos will be learning. Seesaw and Adobe Spark are a couple of platforms I'm most excited about teaching my students about. The students can use SeeSaw to publish their writing, read and record stories, and much more! Adobe Spark is a program that allows students to create movies and digital slides to present information about topics. Yes! This can happen in Kindergarten!

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  • Digital Kindermath

    Posted by TONYA TRAMMELL on 10/5/2020


    Our school purchased the digital files to accompany our supplemental K math curriculum Kindermath. With each Unit of study there is also a digital game for the students to play to review skills learned in that particular unit. We are practicing our subitizing skills today. We are matching the number with the correct group that shows that many animals. Subitizing is being able to say how many in a set without actually counting the objects one at a time. We call it our "Mental Math". I found out this strategy carries over to home! A student was looking at a counting book at home with a family friend and he stated "I can subitize those"! 

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  • Level Up!

    Posted by TONYA TRAMMELL on 10/2/2020


    We have our first group of friends who received a certificate for leveling up in our Lexia Core 5 digital reading software! They have worked hard during centers progressing through various skill review games. Our goal is to make it through the whol kindergarten level (Levels 1-5) before May. Lexia Core 5 focuses on phonemic awareness and phonics and places the students at the level they need to be in based on an initial placement test score. The software provides teachers with progress monitoring student data without a test each week. It flags students who might need extra support in certain areas of reading. It also monitors their log-in time. I even have students ask to play more Lexia when work tasks are finished!

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  • Pink Cat Studios

    Posted by TONYA TRAMMELL on 9/29/2020

    Pink Cat

    Today the students had fun reviewing sight words using a Pink Cat Studio game on the Smartboard. Pink Cat Studios makes interactive games, math and language activities, classroom management products and classroom decor. All I had to do was choose a theme, game type, and enter a list of sight words (or search for lists already saved by other teachers). We love using technology in kindergarten. It makes learning engaging and fun!!

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  • Starfall

    Posted by TONYA TRAMMELL on 9/25/2020


    Starfall.com is a fabulous free website that teaches children how to read through phonics games, videos, and songs. There is also a section on math practice. Starfall has a pre-k/kindergarten component as well as a 1st-3rd grade section. We use Starfall daily in our classroom. It is very kid-friendly and teacher-friendly. There is a downloadable app for iPad in which my students use during reading centers. It is a free resource, however, you may purchase a subscription to unlock more games and sections. It is very inexpensive. I recently made a loom presentation about Starfall for one of my master's classes at UNA. Please view it to find out more about this awesome resource!

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  • Lexia Core 5

    Posted by TONYA TRAMMELL on 9/18/2020

    Lexia Core 5

    The students are so excited to get to play Lexia Core 5 on our Chromebooks during reading centers. The program scaffolds phonics and phonemic awareness skills based on student levels. They are working very hard to try and "Level Up" and earn a certificate. I'm so glad we have programs like this that make learning fun for our students!!

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  • Center Routines

    Posted by TONYA TRAMMELL on 9/11/2020

    Reading Rotations

    The turtles have been learning reading rotation stations and routines this week and have been assigned to a "reading team". They were excited! We have four rotations: iPads, Word Work, Work on Writing, and Chromebooks. We've learned how to transition to each station, how to problem solve, how to clean up, and lots more! These reading centers will allow me to meet with the teams at my teacher table and give my students the differentiated instruction they need to succeed and excel in reading.

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  • Technology Standards

    Posted by TONYA TRAMMELL on 9/4/2020

    Character Education with Technology Golden Apple

    We've made a lot of progress this week with routines and procedures. Every morning, we tune in for the "Morning Show". We are greeted by Mrs. Culpepper and have a minute of silent reflection, say the pledge, and sing a song. We also have a few minutes of Character Education with our guidance counselor Mrs. Sparkman. Last week, she taught us what it means to be a good citizen. This week, her lessons were about "Digital Citizenship". We learned how to be safe while on the internet by only visiting sites and apps that we have permission to use. On Friday's she announces who our "Golden Apples" are from each class. Kindergarten and 1st grade alternate weeks for giving the award. Today, Rhenden received our first turtle class Golden Apple Award and we are all super proud of him for his good citizenship and character while at school. Congratulations Rhenden!

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  • Full Speed Ahead!

    Posted by TONYA TRAMMELL on 8/28/2020

     Red day

    Our first full week with all my new friends has come to an end. We've learned rules, established procedures, and practiced healthy habits, all while learning colors, shapes, left to right progression, rhyming words, two sight words and writing our names! Wow! It's obvious that this awesome group of kiddos are starting this kindergarten year at full speed. Today, we ended our shape unit with yummy shape snacks. They were able to find the block that matched the shape of their snack and use math talk to discuss it with their learning partner. 

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  • The first days!

    Posted by TONYA TRAMMELL on 8/21/2020

    New PIrate Ship!

    What a great start to this crazy school year! With all the  added worries about keeping our students safe and healthy, new virtual platforms to learn how to teach from in the event of remote learning, and a new state mandated kindergarten assessment, we managed to have a great first two days of school!!! I was ready. They were ready. We all are ready to have some normalcy to our lives after the past 4-5 months of quarantine. 

    Of course, there's extra time to spend on teaching the students how to social distance in the classroom, proper mask wear and hand washing procedures but I'm ready and willing to tackle this new norm for our current teaching situation.

    The kids were all smiles. Yes, I know they were smiling under those masks because their eyes light up at the same time! Can't wait to continue to make a personal relationship with each of these shining new pair of eyes! We need each other more than ever!

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