"How to" Videos for Parents

  • Skills Growing Readers Need to Know ... 

    Phonological Awareness:  

    This involves a variety of skills - focusing on a student's ability to hear and manipulate sounds. These skills include: hearing and identifying rhyming words (cat and mat), listening for beginning and ending sounds, hearing words that are the same (big - big) and different (top - dog), listening for similar sounds in words (church and couch both have the sound /ch/). Students also need to be able to segment a word to hear all the sounds in the word ("wait" has 3 sounds /w/ /a/ /t/). Parents can help us support these skills by playing listening games in the car and at home with your children. Students need these type of skills to become successful readers. Below is a video that provides an example of how to grow these skills in your children. 

  • Letter Naming:

    Research tells us that if a student recognizes the letters' names, they have a better chance of becoming a successful reading. Please practice naming letters with your child at home. 


    Decoding or Blending Words:

    As students grow as readers, they will begin to blend sounds into words. A video on this page shares on example of how to work with your child on this particular skill.