CCHS Mission & Beliefs

  • The mission of Cullman City Head Start is to offer eligible children and the families of this community the quality guidance and services they need to reach their highest potential of social competence that allows them to be successful in school and in life.

    The Cullman City Head Start Program shares the following beliefs:

    • That a family empowered is a community empowered
    • That cultural diversity enriches all our lives
    • That families and children are at different levels of social, cognitive, mental and physical growth
    • That Head Start is a support for children and families who are vulnerable
    • That early success translates into lifelong positive attitudes
    • That the empowerment of the family includes all community agencies
    • That all families deserve access to basic health services
    • That the daily nutritional needs of children are a basic necessity for optimum physical, social, emotional and cognitive development
    • That children with disabilities are a source of inspiration and encouragement
    • That children with disabilities should receive services that are specific and distinct to their particular needs
    • That every child has a right to a safe, secure, learning environment
    • That parents are the primary educators of their children