For Parents

  • Helping My Child with Sight Words

    {How to become more fluent and automatic with these words}

     As sight words become progressively harder through the year, here are some helpful hints you might want to incorporate with your child as he/she practices nightly.

    *Read and spell the word aloud.
    *Ask your child to find specific words on the paper.
    *Have your child write each word, spelling and writing as he/she goes.
    *Clap hands and snap fingers in rhythm as he/she spells the words.
    *Make sight word cards as flash cards. Play a quiz or memory game with the cards.
    *Categorize the words into alphabetical order.
    *Picture each word. Close eyes and try to spell the words. Check his/her version against the correct one.
    *Say a sentence using a sight word. Have your child figure out which word was used {or left out}.
    *Read the sight word practice sheet left to right, top to bottom, diagonally, etc. This mixes up the monotony of sight word practice.
    *Select one of the words to be the “Word of the Day.” Use the word in various ways throughout the day – practicing exclusively on that one word.

     USE THESE IDEAS AT YOUR DISCRETION…sometimes, you may need to use them…other times, you may not. If your child is able to read the words without utilizing these methods – GREAT! But, there may come a time when he/she needs a little extra practice on a word or two. Consider these approaches when that happens.