Llama Class Mission & Philosophy

  • Class Mission
    Our mission is to grow together academically, socially, and emotionally. Our classroom is one that seeks to create a welcoming and risk-free environment where students are not fearful of speaking their minds and thoughts and a place where learning is fun. We seek to engage the students by using authentic,meaningful learning tasks that help them make real-world connections. The Llama classroom is one that challenges students to become both lifelong learners and compassionate citizens who respect and value one another and the community.

    My Teaching Philosophy
    I believe the primary purpose of education is to transform children into lifelong learners who will be productive, valuable members of society. A teacher should be a facilitator in the process for developing these young minds, readied to go out into the world. I believe in educating the whole child, including teaching young children about diversity, appreciation and respect of other cultures, and love and compassion for people who are different from them. To receive a quality education, I believe that children need to be engaged in authentic, meaningful learning tasks that help them make real-world connections. If we, as educators, teach our students about respect—that of oneself, that which is blind to differences in race, ethnicity, gender, and creed, and that of our planet and world—we are ultimately empowering our young people to be better, responsible citizens of society and transformed into critical, independent, and compassionate thinkers for a lifetime.

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