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  • The Hilight is Cullman High School's Student Newspaper.  The Hilight has a long history on the campus of CHS. Student staff members and editors do a wonderful job covering stories around campus and popular and current events as well. To find out more about The Hilight you can contact

Valentine Edition 2024

Christmas Edition 2023

Fall Edition 2023

Back to School Edition 2023

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Senior Edition 2023

Spring Edition 2023

Valentine Edition 2023

Christmas Edition 2022

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Back to School 2022

Senior Edition 2022

Spring Edition 2022

Valentine Edition 2022

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Valentine 2021 Edition

Fall/Winter Edition 2020

Back to School Edition 2020

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Christmas Edition 2019

Back to School Edition 2019

The Hilight - Spring Edition 2019

The Hilight - Valentine Edition 2019

The Hilight Christmas Edition 2018

The Hilight Halloween Edition 2018

The Hilight Back-to-School & Homecoming Edition 2018

The Hilight Senior Edition 2018

The Hilight Spring Edition 2018

The Hilight Valentine Edition 2018

The Hilight Christmas Edition 2017

The Hilight Fall Edition 2017

The Hilight Back to School Edition 2017

The Hilight Senior Edition 2017

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