ZEBRA Class ABC'S of Kindergarten

  • ABC’s of Kindergarten

    Attendance: Many Kindergarten learning activities are group oriented and involve interaction with classmates. Therefore, it is next to impossible to recreate these activities at home. Please view school as a priority and see to it that your child attends every day except in cases of illness or emergency. When your child is absent, please send a note explaining the reason for the absence with your child on his/her first day back at school. If your child is going to be out for an extended period of time, please let me know when possible.


    Behavior Management: I plan to use a “5,4,3,2,1” system to help monitor student behavior.  Each child is expected to follow the rules and become a cooperative part of our classroom.  The children will earn a number from 1 to 5 each day that correlates with their behavior;5 being the best and 1 needing the most improvement.  All of the children will begin each day on number 3 and may move up or down according to their behavior.

    4 and 5- Very good: The child is showing excellent behavior!

    3- Satisfactory: The child is following the rules for the most part.

    2- Needs to improve: The child is exhibiting inappropriate behavior.

    1- STOP!  The child is continuing to exhibit inappropriate behavior.

    Children who maintain 4’s, and 5’s will be praised and rewarded for following the rules.Your child will have time out from recess to reflect on the rules if their name is moved to 3, 2, or 1.  If your child’s name is on 3, he/she will miss 5 minutes of recess.  If your child’s name is on 2 or 1, he/she will miss 10 minutes of recess. Children who stay on 4 or 5 all week will get to visit the treasure chest at the end of the week and participate in Fun Friday!

    If necessary, a behavior “Oops” note will be sent home that must be signed and returned the next day.  Severe misbehavior will result in a referral to the principal.

    I will begin to enforce the behavior system after we have had ample time to discuss these rules.  Also, there will be a daily calendar in your child’s take home folder which will be marked with either a 5,4,3,2, or 1 each day.  This will let you know what kind of day your child had at school.  Please initial in the box by your child’s behavior number so I will know you were aware of their behavior for the day. 

    Class Rules are “Be Safe, Be Kind, Be a Good Listener, and Have Fun!” Please do not worry if your child has their name moved and has to miss some recess time.  Know that this is typical of a child beginning school in a more structured environment.  Since kindergarteners are usually eager to please their parents and teachers, moving a symbol such as a name, clothespin, etc. is often very effective in improving undesirable behaviors.  I will definitely contact you if I am concerned about any misbehavior. Thank you for your support in helping your child learn to follow the rules and become a responsible, independent kindergartner!

    Birthdays: We celebrate birthdays during snack time. Birthday parties are not allowed at CCPS. Parents may send a special snack (cake, cupcakes, cookies, etc.) to be enjoyed by the class on your child’s special day, but should not include any special drinks, party favors, or decorations. If your child has a planned party outside of school, please consider the feelings of everyone in the class. Only send invitations to school if ALL of the children in the room are to receive one. Otherwise, please mail invitations to the children’s homes.

    Book Orders: Book orders will be sent home monthly. This is a very inexpensive way for parents to get great books for their child’s home library, however, please do not feel like you have to purchase any books. It is just an option for you.  For each book that is ordered our class receives bonus points which I use to buy books and items for our classroom. Please make checks payable to Scholastic Book Club or order online (NO CASH)! Class code: GNJFL.

    Breakfast: Breakfast begins at 7:30 every morning.  Your child will purchase breakfast from their lunch account. You will need to drop your child off at the lunchroom (back of school) before 7:45.


    Calendar: In your child’s Zebra binder will be a monthly calendar. This calendar will inform you of your child’s special school/classroom events. Your child’s behavior will be recorded on the calendar daily. Other school notes and newsletters will be sent out as I receive them.

    Car Tags: Each child will be given a zebra class car tag.  This car tag needs to be placed in the front windshield in full view so we can tell which child needs to be loaded in the car.  It is important that you use this car tag each day all year so a substitute will know which child you are picking up in case I am out of school for some reason.  If you need another tag for someone who will be picking up your child on a regular basis, let me know and I will be glad to provide one.  If someone other than the usual person is to pick up your child, send a note or call the school and give that person the car tag.  Otherwise, the person will need to go to the office and show some identification. This is for the safety of your child.

    Communication: Communication is essential for our success together. Please use the “Notes to Teacher” pocket in your child’s take home binder for daily notes to me and/or office. You must send a note if your child is to go home a different way than his/her normal schedule.

    Conferences: Parent/Teacher Conferences will be scheduled with all parents after the first few months of school. You may schedule a conference at any time during the school year if you have any concerns or questions. I may also request to meet with you if I feel that your child is having difficulty in a subject area or with behavior. If you ever have any concerns, questions, ideas, etc., please feel free to write a note, call (256-775-0234) or e-mail kbrown@cullmancats.net  


    Donations: Donations will be listed on our class newsletter as needed. Thank you for helping make our classroom a great place to learn! If you or a relative works for Wal-Mart Distribution, please see me so we can discuss Wal-Mart’s Volunteer in School program which donates money to the Zebra Class!

    Dress Code: Parents and students should use good judgment and common decency in the choice of dress and physical grooming in the school setting.

    • Shorts should be finger-tip length
    • Pants should not drag on the floor, sag, or be tight fitting
    • Shorts should be worn under dresses or skirts
    • Tops should be of length to completely cover the top of pant, short, or skirt. The back or mid-section should not be visible when the student sits or bends
    • Tops should reflect the age, maturity, and size of the student
    • Tennis shoes are REQUIRED for PE class
    • Names should be written on inside of coats, sweaters, or sweatshirts.

    Emergencies: Please make certain that I have the correct emergency numbers and information on file for your child and make changes throughout the year as necessary.

     Emergency School Closings: In the event of a school closing for any reason, the Cullman City School System will notify the media to broadcast or televise details of the situation. Necessary details will be broadcasted or televised, as information is available.  For information about SCHOOL CLOSINGS, check local news, radio, twitter, or www.cullmancats.net. Please make sure the office has your current phone number for the automated call system.

    Extended Day: Extended Day is afternoon care for children who are unable to be picked up at dismissal time.  It lasts until 5:30pm. There is a weekly charge for this service. If you are interested in the Extended Day services, you must sign up with the E.D. program. If your child will be going to Extended Day, they will be picked up in the classroom by an E.D. worker and escorted to the Extended Day room.

    Extra Clothes: Sometimes accidents may occur, therefore I ask that you send an extra set of clothes for your child.  If your child has an accident and doesn’t have extra clothes you will be called to bring clothes to the school.  In a gallon Ziploc bag please send a shirt, pants, underwear and socks.  All clothing must be labeled.  You will need to update the change of clothes as the seasons change and as your child grows.  Each child will keep their extra clothes in their backpack at school.


    Field Trips: We will be going on approximately 2 field trips throughout the school year (Farm and Zoo). All students must have a signed permission slip to attend. More information will be available later in the school year. Field trips are a great learning experience for everyone!

    Field Trip T-Shirt: We will be purchasing a kindergarten t-shirt that your child will wear on field trips so that they can be easily indentified. You will be receiving more information within the first month of school.


    Grading Scale: We will be using a Standards Based Report Card this year with a

    I- III grading scale. You will receive report cards each trimester along with progress reports.


    Homework: Your child will have a reading folder to practice sight words, read an independent leveled text, and read an additional 15 minutes independently or with someone each night. Written homework will only be given if your child does not finish class work or needs extra practice.


    Internet: Your child will use the Internet to conduct research and practice skills this year. All Internet searches will be guided by the teacher. Please sign and return the internet release form as soon as possible.


    June and July: Enjoy your summer off! Continue reading and preparing for first grade!


    KinderNews:  Each Monday I will send our KinderNews letter home in your child’s folder. Please read the newsletter carefully and contact me with any questions. Many important dates, events, weekly skills and general information will be found in this newsletter so please make an extra effort to read it each week!


    Library:  We will go to the library once a week. THURSDAY is our library day!  Students will be allowed to check out one book per week, if they return the previous week’s books.  Please remind your child to be prepared and return the books each week.  He or she can re-check the book if they are not finished reading it.  Mrs. Williamson is our school librarian!

    Lunch: Your child will receive a lunch number and will need to memorize their number after the first few weeks of school.  You will receive a copy of a key pad with your child’s number to practice at home.  Any lunch money sent to school needs to be sent in an envelope labeled with child’s name, teacher’s name, and lunch number. Envelopes should be sent to school in the money pouch located in your child’s take home folder. When your child’s lunch account is out of money, a reminder will be sent home.  Students are not allowed to charge a lunch on their account, so please be aware when your child needs lunch money. Your child is welcome to bring their lunch.  The microwaving of items will not be permitted.  Milk can be purchased for $0.50 if you do not want to pack a beverage for your child.

    Lunch Prices:

    Please fill out and return the free/reduced lunch form if you qualify as soon as possible. *If you have applied for free or reduced meal, your child must pay full price for lunch/breakfast until the paperwork is fully completed and approved.  If your child received free or reduced lunch in Headstart you must fill out a new form ASAP and return it to school.* Lunches can also be paid online through PayPams.

    • Student Lunch: $2.35
    • Reduced Lunch: $0.40
    • Visitor Lunch: $4.00

    Medications: Teachers cannot dispense medications of any kind in the classrooms. It must be stored and dispensed by the school nurse. You must fill out a medication form before any medicine can be given. A form can be found in the nurse’s office. If your child requires special diet modifications this should also be reported and documented with the school nurse.

    Money: All Money should be labeled and placed in your child’s money pocket in their take home binder. Please do not combine payments that are sent to school.  For example, pay for lunches, pictures, trips, etc. separately.  MONEY SHOULD BE IN A LABELED ENVELOPE OR ZIPLOC BAG AND NEVER LOOSE IN YOUR CHILD’S FOLDER!


    Naps: We will be resting for 15-20 minutes each day in order for your child to gradually adjust to a full day of kindergarten. Nap mats will be sent home every FRIDAY for you to wash over the weekend and return on Monday. After Labor Day, we will spend less time resting and getting the students acclimated to a full day of academics. Please be sure your child is getting plenty of rest at home as well!


    Open Door: Please remember that my door is always open! Feel free to contact me!

    Other Expenses: We will be making Thanksgiving and Christmas t-shirts and have other various activities throughout the year when an event requires additional materials. Please check the newsletters and Zebra Binder for these requests. These are OPTIONAL and all children will participate!


    PTO: At CCPS, we strongly encourage a partnership with parents. An active PTO provides many opportunities for your students and our school. If you are interested in joining PTO or being a volunteer at our school, please contact the PTO president for details. We would love for you to join!

     Parties: We will have TWO parties throughout the year: Christmas and End of the Year.  I will need volunteers and donations.  If you provide food for these parties, remember that we can only accept store prepared food items due to state regulations. Room Moms will be in touch about helping and volunteering for parties!

     P.E: All children will participate in 45 minutes of physical education each day. Children will not be allowed to stay in the classroom during this time. If a child is sick or needs time out from P.E. a note must be sent to the teacher. A request to be excused for two or more days requires a written statement from a physician. Please send a change of shoes if necessary as tennis shoes are REQUIRED for P.E. Remember to send appropriate clothing according to the weatherJ.


    Quick Goodbyes: Please use quick goodbyes in the morning. This is very important for us to begin our day on time and in an orderly manner.

    Questions and Concerns: If you have any questions please feel free to write me a note or call me.  If you call me at school, please call before or after school.  The school phone number is 256-775-0234.  If you cannot contact me during those hours, you may also contact me at my school e-mail address, kbrown@cullmancats.net.


    Reading Log: Students should read 15-20 minutes every night. Please remember to record your child’s reading each night so I can see your child’s efforts at home. Our schools’ goal is for all students to be successful and independent readers! Help us encourage your child to get excited about reading this year!

    Rules:  Please read and go over both our classroom and school rules with your child and encourage them to adhere to all rules for a successful year!


    School Hours:

    • 7:30–7:55 A.M. Drop-off: A school employee will assist your child out of the car and into the building. Kindergarten children are dropped off at the front of the school and will wait in the reading room until the bell rings. Please allow your child to walk in by his/herself after the first day.
    • 7:45- Dismissal to classrooms
    • 7:55- Parents must walk children to the office to sign in after 7:55
    • 8:00- Tardy bell rings and classes begin
    • 2:30- Car Dismissal (we begin walking out to car line around 2:20).
    • 2:50-1st grade dismissal begins (all K students will be brought inside if not picked up by this time)

    Please do not check out students after 2:30.  Teachers and staff are preparing the students for dismissal at this time.  If you have an appointment, please check out before 2:30, so as to not interfere with school dismissal routines

     Social Media: CCPS teachers enjoy using twitter accounts and other forms of social media. If you have a problem with your child being posted on the internet please let me know ASAP! If you have any personal issues or concerns with the school, please talk to us rather than posting negative comments on social media. We want to always represent CCPS in a positive way!

     School Supplies: Please refer to the kindergarten supply list and bring in school supplies as soon as possible. Donations are greatly appreciated! If your employer or organization would like to donate to our classroom, a receipt will be provided for tax purposes.

     Snack Time: Each day we will have 15 minutes for an afternoon snack.  You will need to send a snack and water for your child each day.  Please send healthy and simple snacks. Students are NOT allowed to have carbonated drinks, juice or candy. You may send WATER for children to drink. Please make sure snacks are ready-to-eat.  Children are not allowed to heat or refrigerate any snack items.  Please try and pack your child’s snack with the cooling packs so that refrigeration is not necessary. Please send your child’s snack in a bag with the child’s name and “snack” written on the bag.  This way I will know if a child has brought their lunch, they are not eating their snack for lunch.  Any extra snacks are greatly appreciated for those who forget or cannot afford snack.


    Tardies: Students should be at school by 8:00.  Arriving after this causes students to lose instruction time. Students must check in with the office before reporting to their classroom.


    • Notify your child’s teacher how he/she will be arriving and leaving school each day at the start of the school year.
    • Every child MUST have a note for a change in routine home. This note needs to be brought to the office or placed in your child’s folder first thing in the morning. E-mails are not always received.
    • If you need to change plans during the day, you must call the office so they can relay the message to me. Anyone that you request to pick up your child MUST be on the “Pick-up” list in the office. No Exceptions! This is for the safety of all our children.
    • Car riders will be identified by our classroom mascot. Please place your car tag in your front windshield, so we can dismiss with greater efficiency. Students will be dismissed at 2:30. Your child will be picked up on the east/back side of the school. Kindergarten has to be loaded and cleared out by 2:50 for the first grade to load.     
    • As you drive through the line I or another teacher will identify you, and load your child into your car.  We will open the car door. Please stay in your vehicle. If you must help your child buckle, please pull up and over to the side to allow traffic to keep flowing.
    • All parents need to come through the car line and will not be allowed to park and walk to the door.


    Unique: Each child is unique and has his/her own special gifts and talents. I look forward to learning about each one of your special children!


    Visitors: According to school policy, all visitors need to check in through the office and obtain a visitor's sticker whenever they are in our building during the school day.

    Volunteers: There are many ways that you can help out in your child’s classroom. Please let me know if you are interested in becoming a parent volunteer.


    We Are A Team: I strongly believe that the education of children should be a joint effort between home and school.  A positive, team approach" is essential for a successful school experience.  Parents must be involved and supportive!  I know if we all work together this will be a rewarding year in the life of your child. I look forward to a great year together!

    Websites: I have created a class shutterfly website that will include class pictures from field trips, school events, etc. that you may order. Only people that I invite can view these pictures.  If you provide me with your personal email address, I will invite you to view the photos. This is a great opportunity for parents or family that are unable to attend a field trip or school event to see what their child did that day.  I will send an address to access our account once your email has been confirmed. There is also a web site for CCPS at www.cullmancats.net. To access our class page click on the schools tab à Cullman City Primary School àclick the teachers tab à kindergarten classes and select Mrs. Brown’s Zebra Class.


    eXcited: I am excited to work with you and your child this year!


    You: You are your child’s first teacher and you play an extremely important role in your child’s education.

    Younger Siblings: We love our siblings!  But please leave them at home when you come to volunteer, attend field trips, or a special event in our classroom!  This ensures that all attention is focused on your Kindergartener's big day!


    Zebra Class: We are going to have a great year in the Zebra Class!! Follow us on twitter @CCPSzebras and @cullmanprimary

    Zebra Binder: These binders are the main link for school-home communication. This binder will come home in your child’s backpack and needs to be returned to school EACH DAY. I will send home important notes and information in the binder, as well as your child’s daily classwork. Your child’s behavior log will also be located in the Zebra binder on the monthly calendar. Please label all money sent in this binder.


    I look forward to a wonderful year and if there is ever anything I can do or help with please let me know! Thank you in advance for all of your help and support to make this a successful year!