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COVID - 19 School Re-Opening Information

  • Parents/Guardians,

    The Cullman City Schools will begin the 2020-21 school year on August 19, 2020 pending guidelines set forth by the Alabama State Department of Education. We are excited to begin the new school year though we will have many challenges ahead of us. Our primary goal is to provide a safe and instructionally sound plan for reopening the Cullman City Schools. We are providing parents two options for their child to receive the best education possible. The Traditional option allows students to return to the school campus and receive face to face instruction, although the school day will look different than in the past. The Traditional option includes a remote opportunity transitioning from campus to online work at home as needed following guidance from the ADPH and CDC to ensure a safe learning environment. The Virtual option allows students to work from home through the Schoology learning platform. Attendance is tracked daily requiring students to log in daily to complete assignments. Grades will be given to determine promotion/retention (same as with Traditional option). With the Virtual option, instruction is directed by a virtual teacher not the classroom teacher. 

    We all must work together to help ensure safety by following guidance from the ADPH and CDC.

    We ask that parents: 

    • Check your children’s temperatures and do not send them to school if 100.4 or greater.
    • Monitor your children for symptoms daily, including cough, congestion, shortness of breath, or gastrointestinal symptoms. Any positives should be kept home from school. 

    Our attendance policy will be revised and shared at a later date. 

    The CCS Central Office has sent out parent surveys via email to determine which educational option parents feel is best for their child. Parents are asked to register for one option by July 17, 2020. You will need to complete a separate form for each student in your family. 

    We want all of our parents to know how much we appreciate thier patience as we navigate our new school year.

    Dr. Susan Patterson


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Latest Updates

  • CHS School Re-Opening Plan

    Posted by Sharon Drake on 7/30/2020

    Cullman High School has developed their 2020 - 2021 Roadmap for Reopening.  You may view the plan by clicking the link below. 

    View the 2020 - 2021 CHS Roadmap for Reopening

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  • Update 7/8/2020

    Posted by Sharon Drake on 7/8/2020

    This area will be used to provide specific information about happenings in our system. Check back often to stay up-to-date.

    For faster notification, download the Cullman City Schools app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. 

    Cullman Bearcats on the Google Play Store Cullman Bearcats on Apple App Store

    Click the linked images above that corresponds with your smart device.

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  • In the FAQ section below, click the question you would like to know more about to see additional information. 


  • Is it oblitori for students to attend school?

  • If we do opt into "traditional" enrollment today. Would it be possible for us to change our minds before school begins and opt into "virtual" enrollment?

  • To clarify, if the entire system "flips the switch" to virtual and all EES teachers and students transition to the Schoology system. Would our children, if we had previously opted to enroll in Schoology from day 1, be merged into the local EES virtual classroom - with a locally sourced teacher and local classroom children? Or would our children continue to be segregated into the generic Schoology system because they had not enrolled in the "traditional" setting originally.

  • Another question was asked on out of district kids. To reduce class sizes, why would you not give those who do not live in the district only the virtual option? They would still be able to participate in sports and whatnot with the city teams, but preference for in person should be given to those who moved here to be in district. It would really cut down on the class sizes and be a safer environment with less students. Save "their seat" and let the out of district kids come back to the classroom

  • In the virtual option, will there be any student-to-student interaction via Zoom, Google Classroom, etc?

  • Is there a physical education component with the virtual option? If so, what does it "look like."

  • If the Safer at Home order, which was recently amended to include a mandate for wearing masks is extended into the school year, will students and faculty be required to wear masks at all times on campus?

  • If I elect virtual now, but something changes and the school decides to go with a hybrid option to start, can I change our election provided the academic year has not yet started?

  • Cleaning products which are effective against COVID-19 are difficult to obtain for in-home use. How will the school be able to obtain the supplies needed to maintain the required protocols for opening the campuses? Student families are often asked to provide cleaning wipes, but we can't find them in stores right now.

  • What about drop off in the morning? Will kids go to the gym still until teachers arrive by 7:45? Can kids get dropped off at 7:30?

  • Who are the teachers behind Schoology? Are they local teachers?

  • Online school (specifically students on EL and intervention plans) - How will students receive accommodations and interventions virtually?

  • If the student does virtual learning then wants to switch to traditional after the 1st semester, will that student need to bring school supplies then?

  • If someone in my child’s class tests positive will we be notified and stay home for two weeks following?

  • Can you please start the year out on a hybrid schedule? The risk is too high to be filling our schools with all students at this point.

  • Message from the Superintendent

    Cullman City Schools is taking proactive steps to protect students, employees, and the community from the spread of illness. Our custodians regularly clean and disinfect common surfaces. Our nursing staff will work to remind students and employees of preventative practices. Students and staff will be provided with ample soap and sanitizer to encourage frequent hand washing. Our administrators will remind students and parents to keep students home when an illness is present.

    While Cullman City Schools is sensitive to the concerns surrounding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we also remain focused on educating our students. At this time, we are continually monitoring levels of infection in our community and in the State of Alabama. We continue to be in contact with the Alabama State Department of Education as well as the Alabama Department of Public Health and will act upon recommendations of these agencies.

    Cullman City Schools will keep students and parents aware of developments that may directly impact our community. Should a concern arise, Cullman City Schools, in conjunction with State and Local officials, will make decisions in the best interests of student and community safety. We ask that if your family is affected by the virus, please contact your school nurse as soon as possible so that measures may be put in place to ensure our students, employees, and the community are protected.

    We appreciate your support in this matter as we work to protect all of our stakeholders.


    Susan Patterson, Ed.D. Superintendent