AP Grant Provides $12,600 in Student Incentives
AP Grant Provides $12,600 in Student Incentives
AP AwardsCullman High School Advanced Placement students were recently presented with $12,600 in financial awards from the Alabama A+ College Ready Grant at the rate of $100 per a passing score on 2014 AP exams.

CHS recently completed the second year of a three year
program, the Advanced Placement Training and Incentive 
ProgramTM (APTIP). As a State Department of Education initiative, APTIP’s goal is to increase student enrollment and scores on Advance Placement exams. APTIP selected Cullman High School for participation in their fifth cohort starting with the 2012-13 school year. As a portion of the incentives provided by this grant, CHS teachers received $10,000 for classroom supplies along with countless hours of professional learning. AP students also participated in three AP Saturday study sessions per subject throughout the year.