Alabama Ranks First Nationally in AP Growth
Alabama Ranks First Nationally in AP Growth
Bouldin Hall BiceDr. Elton Bouldin, Cullman High School Principal and Kim Hall, Assistant Principal recently attended a special event held at the Alabama State Capitol August 27th during which Governor Robert Bentley and Dr. Tommy Bice, the Alabama State Superintendent of Education, announced that Alabama ranks #1 in the nation in percent increase in Advanced Placement Math, Science and English qualifying scores. 

Governor Bentley congratulated the AP students and teachers saying, "Alabama students are succeeding in AP classes at unprecedented rates.  A+ College Ready is a good investment that is preparing our students for college-level courses and career. It is a good day in Alabama when we see so many of our students from different backgrounds succeeding in AP courses." 

Cullman High School has played an integral role in Alabama’s #1 national AP ranking. CHS recently concluded its second year of participation in the A+ College Ready initiative. In 2014 CHS had 151 qualifying AP scores as compared to 55 qualifying scores in 2012; this represents a 174% increase in the number of qualifying scores. Between 2012 and 2014 the CHS enrollment in AP courses increased from 61 students to 171, a 180% increase. During that same two year period the number of AP exams administered to students increased from 88 to 275, a 213% increase. 

As a result of this participation, about one in four of the graduating seniors in 2014 successfully passed at least one rigorous AP exam prior to enrolling in college versus approximately one in ten graduating seniors in 2012. 

 Driving the increases in student achievement is the implementation of the A+ College Ready AP Program, which Cullman High School began in 2012-13. A+ College Ready provides extensive professional learning for AP faculty, student study sessions, and financial incentives in order to boost participation. 

According to Dr. Bouldin, the greatest benefit of participation in the Advanced Placement program is the confirmation that students are college ready. “The nationally recognized Advanced Placement curriculum provides a rigorous assessment of college readiness. Cullman High students and faculty are to be commended on accepting the challenge of Advanced Placement courses in order to be better prepared for success upon entering college.” 

Shown following the public announcement are (l-r) Dr. Elton Bouldin, Principal; Mary Boehm, A+ College Ready President; Dr. Tommy Bice, State Superintendent; and Kim Hall, CHS Assistant Principal.